Contributing to the IoT Community in Pakistan

Keeping this post micro. I got connected with Mr Ammar Jafri a few weeks ago on the Internet of Things Facebook group ( which is my weekend passion and thousands of folks participate and contribute to it. My love for IoT is very organic as I have deeply tried learning courses like Software Agents, Distributed Computing, Semantic Web and Machine Learning during my Masters at The University of Melbourne actually more than a decade ago. Today IoT is a commodity and I am fully committed to evangelize it in Pakistan as a personal hobby/passion. That’s the reason I accepted to present keynote on IoT in Government plus also led the panel discussion lasting more than 1.5 hours hosted by Mr Jafri and his team which indeed is a unique and great step forward. I am humbly thankful to him for inviting over and letting me brush up my concepts at the Conference. Out of many great people I came across, just to name a few are Mr Javed Ashraf from NUST; Mr Mehzad Sahar from Telenor; Mr Benedikt from Microsoft, Dr Yasir Ayaz from NUST; Ms Saria Benazir from NDU; Dr Adnan Khan from NUST; Ms Nafeesa Bohra from MUET; Dr Lee from MoIT; Dr Irfan ul Haq from PIEAS; Dr Saad Qaiser from NUST; Dr Syed Affan from INNEXIV and Engineer Muhammad Azeem from Jolta. This august forum was attended by students, researchers, faculty, government employees, representatives of NGOs and other organizations. Last but not least there were many people with disabilities who were present the whole day and keenly participated. I was amazed to see their potential and courage!

Below is the link of my presentation, thoughts/comments – welcome.!AneQ-lZH2GyGoIAgjz__euIx0UISrA

Since HEC, PTA, CDA Training Academy, MoIT and other organizations also supported the event and it seems like now the groups will break out into different committees leading to promote IoT and develop its framework and standards in Pakistan.

Looking forward!