Critics warn that Oracle can’t be trusted to secure MySQL future

Roger Burkhardt, CEO of Ingres, an open source database company and Oracle competitor, warned that Oracle can’t be trusted with MySQL. In an apparently widely circulated e-mail, Burkhardt wrote:

“Oracle has already cut back the MySQL road map to avoid competing with its own database management system and will try and attract MySQL developers onto a path to costly proprietary software and vendor lock-ins. MySQL lacks the enterprise grade strength and features required to actually run Oracle’s own applications in production and they won’t add these capabilities. They will use MySQL and Glassfish as open source ‘window dressing’ to try and divert the threat from capable open source technologies such as Ingres and JBOSS, to their overpriced database and application server software.”

Another critic of Oracle’s stewardship of MySQL, Michael “Monty” Widenius, main author of the original MySQL and one of the creators of the MariaDB fork of the database, was on hand at the conference to provide his first keynote in five years.

“MySQL is an ecosystem, not just a company,” Widenius said. He said that all the different branches of MySQL and the different companies have to work together to contribute code to a common ‘trunk.'”

“You need to have lots of people outside inside to get something that is both developer and company driven,” he said. “The best possible database you can get is when you have people who are using the code also developing it. The only way to do that is to have developers everywhere.”