Evolution of Project Management Tools & Methods


Its been a century that various Project Management tools and methods have been emerged and brought in to the industry, here Geek Deck has listed down a few for your information:-

1910s The Gantt Chart developed by Henry Laurence Gantt (1861–1919)

1950s The Critical path method (CPM) invented

1958 The Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) method invented

1969 Project Management Institute (PMI) launched to promote project management profession

1975 PROMPTII methodology created by Simpact Systems Ltd (source: PRINCE2 manual)

1987 First Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide published as a white paper by PMI

1989 PRINCE method derived from PROMPTII is published by the UK Government agency CCTA and becomes the UK standard for all government information projects

1986 Six Sigma Methodology

1991 Emergence of Scrum

1995 Agile Project Management was introduced as a new concept

2003 Introduction of Portfolio Management Techniques