How to Create Windows 7 Virtual PC Hard disk (VHD)

This step by step tutorial will guide you on How to Create Windows 7 Virtual PC Hard disk VHD file from scratch.

1) Download and Install Microsoft Virtual PC 2007


2) Once Installed, Open the Virtual PC Console and Click on New to Create a New Virtual Machine


3) Then Click to “Create a Virtual machine”

4) In the Next Step specify the Name then Select OS (Select Other) then Set the RAM as per Requirement

image 5) From the Virtual Hard Disk Options select “A new virtual hard disk”

6) Specify Size, Name and Location in the Next Step

7) Click Finish when you are done


8) Now You can See your Newly Created Virtual Machine in the Microsoft Virtual PC console, click on the start button to boot.

image 9) Since it’s a new machine without any OS so you will see the above screen and now you need to install Windows 7 on it.

10) Just Click on the CD Menu here you are required to specify the ISO format Windows 7 Media this media can be present in a DVD which is inserted in the DVD Drive of your Physical Machine or probably located some where on Your Hard Disk / USB Storage. Either You will provide access via choosing Use Physical Drive option (which will use the iso burned to a DVD) or Capture ISO Image option which will allow you to choose your ISO file located in Hard Disk / USB Drive etc.

11) After choosing the ISO Reboot your VM   from Action Menu or by Pressing RightAlt+Del key together and your VM will restart and will load the installation files from the specified location and will begin the Windows 7 Setup.

So Install Windows 7 on a VM / VHD and begin your work so you’re not any more dependent upon ready made OS VHD/VM/VPC and can create your own and can use it the way you want.