It’s not only the Cloud, Microsoft CRM hits everywhere


Going through various articles and stats I would not agree that Microsoft CRM has hit the cloud, I belief it has hit every where. Not going into the discussion who holds major market share or what was missed from the CIOs technology priority list, let’s leave the marketing material behind and dive into the ground realities.

Your organization buys CRM solution to Acquire, Enhance & Retain customers, sales channels and relationships but what if the solution you opt for is not a product meant for business guys to use rather its for IT Pros or Engineers or you are riding a horse and someone else is curbing it, yes I am talking about product customization according to your industry segment or you realize that the solution is way expensive as compared to a better available alternative.

The above para was a food of thought to think in terms of User Experience (UX), cost benefit analysis, customization & management delivered by a CRM solution you buy to Acquire, Enhance & Retain customers, sales channels and relationships.

Now coming to the point that Why Microsoft solution is unparalleled and hitting everywhere?

1) Availability – from desktop to online to mobile, goes with you where ever you. Either deploy it on-premises or use it from cloud. Currently the cloud based version is available in 40 different languages.

2) Familiarity – The same comfortable user interface & experience which is kept consistent across all the business & information worker tools.

3) Integration – Seamless integration with other solutions running within your organization built using .NET; SQL Server; SharePoint etc. Moreover for the cloud based version write your apps using the Azure tools part of Visual Studio.

4) Pricing – Microsoft Dynamics online is available at a monthly rate for approx $34 per person. That compares to Oracle and, which charge approx $150 per person and approx $125 per month respectively. Further the on-premises solution is also cheaper to buy, deploy, customize and maintain within your organization

5) Vendor Support – Microsoft is taking special interest in Dynamics Products and that’s why you will find its extensive support, offers & resources which definitely is unmatched.

And the list goes on …

Now some facts, a couple of days back, I saw a survey going on at LinkedIn where more than 6000 users participated, let’s see the results:


Despite the fact that Microsoft CRM 2011 has not fully launched and people have not started using it but out of these 6000+ relevant business users of CRM the highest number was with Microsoft and Salesforce landing pretty close. Imagine someone again running this survey down the road after 6 months and I am dead sure that the Microsoft percentage would even be much higher.,%22poll_id%22:112755%7D

According to Analysts Reports:
Microsoft Dynamics CRM shines by offering flexibility for large and midsized organizations. Forrester Research Inc., a leading independent research firm, recognized Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a Leader in the Forrester Wave Report™: CRM Suites for Large and Midsized Organizations, Q2 2010.

06-16-10SuitesLarge-Zoomed     06-16-10SuitesMidsized-Zoomed

Here I will conclude by just saying that let’s meet and connect after an year or so and may be by then you won’t see too many options in the list Smile.

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