Microsoft Online Family Safety Workshop in Pakistan


As a part of its social services commitment Microsoft Pakistan held an awareness workshop on Online Family Safety. The basis agenda of this workshop was to put an effort to keep children safe while they are online. To make this possible this workshop was targeted towards Teachers and Parents as they being the responsible for guiding children and ensuring their safety.

Various speakers from Industry addressed the Parents & Teachers during this half day long workshop where the main idea was to Act smart, Keep yourself updated with latest threats & their precautions, Understand the significance of online safety especially incase of children. Many ideas and viewpoints were shared by speakers and participants such as keeping the computer in living area or lounge so as everyone can see what the child is doing rather than leaving the machine with him/her in a bedroom or using the wired internet connection rather than Wi-Fi and much more.

All of the above resolutions makes sense and seem pretty appropriate however it really becomes difficult to stop consumer’s access to the technology or to change the way they are interacting with devices and again if you do so, workaround for such measures is quite easy and usually comes pretty quickly to the young minds (minds of digital natives) as compared to us.

However I came across a couple of Presentations from Microsoft in which they talked about their tools such as Windows 7 Parental Controls, Windows Live Online Family Safety 2011 & great security features part of latest browser IE9 – Beta. So this seems to be a one time effort by which you configured the child’s PC let’s say he/she can only log-in to the machine from 6 pm – 9 pm and only on Fri, Sat and Sun. May be he/she is only allowed to play these games online or to access these particular websites. At the end of the day you can easily see web based reports of your child’s activity. So no wonder you are travelling or busy in a meeting Microsoft Family Safety tools and Parental Controls are taking care of your child and loved ones.

The beauty of an automated solution is that it just take one time effort to be configured and later it is always there (24*7*365) and never makes Human Errors..!