Name manager in excel 2010

In this blog, i will explain the feature of Name manager in excel 2010.

Its like giving friendly names to cell or cells (when formula is applied) for easy referencing in other formulas.

So lets do it.

Go to the Formulas tab and locate Name Manager Icon, see below image

Enter any value in one of the cells and then click Name Manager. Following image will appear

Click on New, give a name, check the values in the scope, it includes, the whole workbook and all sheet names, so decide yourself what should be the scope your Name. Click OK.

After clicking OK, following image will appear. This dialog box maintains all the names currently used. It is a sort of admin panel from where you can insert/delete/edit them.

Okay, lets test this feature now. go to any cell and write =nadeem it will show 6 over there

try out something like =nadeem + nadeem it will show 12.

So this is it. Its very simple and very handy feature. Can easily be used in other formulas. Try experimenting it further and you will find it great.

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  • Hameedjabarkhail


  • Giles Blackwater

    I would like to be able to copy the list [of data names] in Name Manager for external use …