New features of Visual Studio 2010

Some of the new features added in Visual Studio 2010 are as follows

  • Built in tools for windows 7, including multi touch and ribbon UI components.
  • Rich new editor built in WPF that you can highly customize to suit how you work.

  • Multi monitor support.
  • New quick search helping to find relevant results just by quickly typing the first few letters of any method, class or property.
  • Great support for developing and deploying Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure applications.
  • Multicore development support allows you to parallelize your applications, and a new specialized debugger to help you track the tasks and threads.
  • Improvements to the ASP.NET AJAX framework, core Java Script intellisense support, and the highly anticipated inclusion of jQuery in Visual Studio 2010.
  • Multi – targeting / multi – framework support.
  • Support for developing WPF and Silverlight applications with enhanced drag and drop support and data binding. Great new enhancements to the designers, enabling a higher fidelity in rendering your controls, which in turn enables you to discover bugs in rendering before they happen at run time (which is a great improvement from previous versions of Visual Studio). New WPF and Silverlight tools will help you to navigate the visual tree and inspect objects in your rich WPF and Silverlight applications.
  • Great support for TFS 2010 (and previous versions) using Team Explorer. This enables you to use the data and reports that are automatically collected by Visual Studio 2010 and track and analyze the health of your projects with the integrated reports as well as maintaining your bugs and tasks up to date.
  • Integrated support for Test – First development aka Test Driven development (TDD). Automatic test stub generation and a rich unit test framework are two nice test features that developers can take advantage of for creating and executing unit tests. Visual Studio 2010 has great extensibility points that will enable you to also use common third party or open source unit test frameworks directly within Visual Studio 2010.

Visual Studio 2010, with powerful design surfaces and powerful tools, helps you write less code, write it faster and deliver it with higher quality.