Next big thing in the ICT Sector of Pakistan–National Policy re-structuring–part 1

Saturday is one off those days where you can’t pull an anti social person like me out of the bed, make it anything.. I have missed many activist campaigns, meet-ups etc & etc in last few years. However today, Jehan Ara’s tweet for the discussion meeting regarding the next ICT Policy couldn’t stop me to be the first person at T2F to attend this significant meet up attended by leading community influencers like Imtiaz N Muhammad, Sabeen Mahmud (T2F), Sana Saleem, Awab Alvi and others.

Some great minds of Pakistan like Jawwad Ahmed Farid, Jehan Ara & others are working on this initiative since last year to secure the interest of people like us whose bread & butter is associated with the ICT sector of Pakistan.

I might be a little wrong due to lack of information in reporting things but as far as my personal view is concerned this step is the next big thing in the ICT sector of Pakistan and Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA ) is playing a vital role in this.

Pakistan has a prominent presence in the region and emerging markets due to it’s sizeable population consisting of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) students plus the large number of Developers & IT Pros working in the industry. Hence there has to be a principal policy in place which lays down the framework and priorities to be fulfilled by the Government, Trade Associations, Industry, Academia & Community.


Some sharp minds are actively working on the policy document to give it a shape and present it to the Government, just to give you some insights the following areas are on priority and reforms will happen in them if this policy comes in place.

The below will have an impact on National Level.

1) Ease of access to digital content and information on primary, secondary, higher education level in remote areas.

2) Innovation & automation in the Agriculture industry and empowerment of Farmers.

3) Better health facilities & management through placement of electronic systems.

4) Improved Governance through electronic security systems; citizen journalism and other technology aided initiatives.

5) More opportunities for start-ups in terms of incubation, funding, ease of processes & coaching etc.

There are also certain areas which will have an obvious impact specifically on the industry which I shall cover in the next part of the article.

Call for Action:
All of us have equal rights and responsibilities as far as the national interest is concerned, let us identify areas which need improvement and share with P@SHA and help them get us the best version of this framework, the next big thing in the ICT sector of Pakistan.