No Mac App Store

Just like iPhone app store, apple fans have been anticipating a similar thing for Mac OS X, but to utter surprise, nothing like that is in pipe line.

Apple’s CEO steve jobs replied NOPE to a Mac software developer, Fernando Valente when he inquired about upcoming Mac store. He emailed the Apple CEO questioning him on whether or not such a service would become a reality. After the email was sent, Valente, like many others, was not expecting a response. But much to his surprise only a few hours after sending it, he received one. The email from Steve Jobs was brief and to the point, simply stating that “nope,” no such service is on the way.

It has been a widespread rumor in forums that whether apple would be launching any thing like app store for its Mac OS. Now it has been confirmed that nothing like that is going to happen.

  • Anthony Pocock

    Just proves how full of it Steve Jobs is… I’m now using the Mac App Store to download Lion!