IE9 gaining momentum in Pakistan…


Just came across a lot of buzz going around the awareness campaign about Internet Explorer 9 (currently in Beta) everywhere across Pakistan. Many 3rd party advocacies and placement of information at various important portals and locations truly reflects the commitment of Microsoft in Pakistan and shows that Microsoft is really putting its best to flourish our IT industry, Open Door event, recently held in Karachi is probably one of the most biggest and successful IT events of the year is also an example of this.


You would see this at the entrance of Karachi Airport.


Some of the leading Portals covering IE9

if you want to get a good read on the features and functionalities of this Browser, then check:

Ready to be blown away?


Please don’t take this blog post as an indication to a terrorist attack yet you can be blown by a powerful web innovation too. Today browser is probably one of the most used window console opened on your PC. So a fast, clean and latest technology complaint browser assures you a true UX (User Experience) and fetches your data, documents and media from local servers to remote clouds, the way you want.

In this blog post I really don’t want to advocate the power and beauty of Windows Internet Explorer 9 (Beta) but I really want to leave this on you. Check out the following links, take a look on the features and functionalities discussed and decide it yourself.

If you feel like trying something different then get it now on your machine (a few demos might only work properly on IE9 – Beta).

Download Now

What’s New in IE9

Check out IE9 features

Compare IE9 with others

Take IE9 Test Drive

Stuff built utilizing HTML5 and other latest technology part of IE9

Some Power tips

Cool videos

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As I said earlier in my blog post, I won’t be going into the technical or business details but would rather share some work and will leave it on you to decide that Are You Ready to be Blown away?

Microsoft Certification Exams, Discount Vouchers

I guess i have been too stuck up with work during past days and more over i didn’t had something cool to share :). However 2 days back i finally got Microsoft Certification Exam discount vouchers which you can use at any Prometric test center and can get a discount of 15 – 20% plus 2nd shot is also Free.

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Note: this is on personal and community basis.

Unlocking the beauty of web, IE9-beta new features


This morning I upgraded my browser to IE9-Beta and I must say it was a very pleasant experience considering the heavy improvements in the speed, compatibility and usability. I opened my accounts and profiles on Hotmail, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook etc etc and found everyone to continue pleasing my experience.

I also came across a few new features so thought to share them up with youdownloadmanagerThe long awaited Download Manager is part of the Browser with built-in Smart Screen filter, Antivirus scanning and much more..

Running the browser on top of Windows 7 provides you seamless integration in many ways..

tear-off-tab Just tear off the two tabs and drag them to the two edges of the screen one by one like you used to split two windows in the windows 7 OS, each of the tab will get half portion of the screen and this would not disturb the layout and the content being processed in them, so two tabs can be compared pretty easily!

pinJust drag and drop your favorite site on the Taskbar and it will be pinned so the next time you just need to click the icon rather then opening the browser first.
jump-list For many of your favorite sites like Facebook, Hotmail, MSN the jumplist will also be in action and just a right click on the icon will open the desired actions on the screen and you can directly go to your events, messages etc on Facebook without opening the browser or going to the home page. Works for many other sites as well.

notification I also experienced that when i get a new message, event invite, somebody writes on my wall the icon shows me a red asterisk which indicates a new notification, hopefully it works on all type of notifications.

stay tuned, more to come!!

Software Project Management, Lecture 4 Slides

Business Case is the first deliverable of any IT Project, it defines the problem,  adds business value to IT. A core team from various departments is responsible for develiering it under the ownership of Project Manager, where Project MOVs are identified along with various alternatives. Then various alternatives are compared in terms of:

1) Feasibility: Technology Feasibility, Economic Feasibility, Legal, Social etc

2) Total Cost of Ownership: Direct, Indirect, On-going

3) Total Benefits of Ownership

4) Financial Scoring Models: ROI, NVP, Payback, Breakeven etc

5) Last but not least the recommendation from core team.


Business Case is developed to justify the Business value of the IT Project to the senior management in terms to developing its relevance with organizational goals and strategic objectives.

check out the lecture slides at:

Software Project Management – Lecture 3 Slides

In lecture 3 we had Saad Zia, Senior Consultant, CDC as a guest speaker with us to brief students about the latest happenings and project management practices going on in Pakistan IT Industry. So many concepts like Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management, PMO responsibilities etc were discussed with the students. Moreover the session was a good blend of local success stories and tools acquired by Enterprises operating in Pakistan.


After his session, I discussed on Project Lifecycle and System Development Lifecycle, the five phases of PLC were discussed in detail with respect to their deliverables and tasks performed in each of them.

The slides of my lecture can be found out at:

An everlasting footprint by Microsoft in Pakistan

Through out the books and school we learn that every successful corporation has a responsibility to use its resources and influence to make a positive impact on the world. Today this definition is branded as a CSR initiative of businesses working across the globe.

The region’s worst flooding in 80 years has affected around 18 million people in Pakistan and according to UN the number of people suffering from the massive floods in Pakistan could exceed the combined total in three recent mega disasters – the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake (source Dawn).

child people

Rightly sensing the responsibility Microsoft was on the ground since the initial days of  this disaster and through its momentous flood relief activities it has left an everlasting footprint on the land of Pakistan.

The strategy laid by Microsoft to confront this disaster is three-fold i.e. Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction. Microsoft employees from Pakistan and other countries including Saudi Arabia, US, UAE, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Netherland and others part of the MEA region participated in a tremendous way to accumulate a sum of 600,000 USD as a result of immediate humanitarian response to this flood.

Microsoft Pakistan team under the leadership of Kamal Ahmed, Country General Manager including Shoaib Khalil, Marketing Lead; Usman Khan, Citizenship Manager and others has been on the ground since last one month addressing this disaster by providing aid in-person and channelizing it through various leading bodies. It’s not only the direct cash, Microsoft has also made its platform available (Bing, MSN) to let the relief aid message float across millions, free of cost. 

In this current phase Microsoft has also planned software donations and trainings to the NGOs engaged in the relief and rehabilitation tasks to better manage and perform their activities which has been estimated up to 1.5 million USD. The relief activities are currently going on and looking at the momentum one can easily see that these figures will certainly go into millions of dollars.

team distribution

Now the next part of the strategy is Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, where Microsoft is up to the following:

  • Microsoft Platforms will be used to present the Pakistan Disaster report to the World at the October Global Donor Conference.
    It has been agreed that Microsoft will work with the World Bank and Asian Development Bank who are mandated to assess damages caused by the flood.  The study will cover 16 sectors of the economy across the 4 provinces and 2 autonomous regions which have been affected.
  • Microsoft will support landing the “Eagle”, a Disaster Management Response system in Punjab Province.
    A state of the art Emergency Response System developed by Microsoft Gold Partner which will certainly help the donors in effective disaster response management.
  • Microsoft MEA will use the data provided by government and donor enumerators and place it on a rich Share-point platform with GIS capabilities to effectively present report findings.

Microsoft team and Management is thoroughly engaged in Pakistan with the Government at Provincial and Federal level and is sync up with the leading NGOs and Financial bodies playing critical role in this flood relief effort saving the fellow countrymen. Microsoft objective is to help this eco system to address the monetary and technological challenges coming across and play its vital role in order to built a better Pakistan as a part of its CSR commitment. Hence leaving a model to be followed….

Windows Exe Files are opening in Adobe Acrobat

Just came across a problem on an end user’s machine where all the Exe files were opening in Adobe Acrobat. It was like what ever Exe you open it will launch the Adobe Acrobat Reader rather than launching the respective program typing in cmd on run command opens Adobe rather than command program, same goes for all the MS office Programs etc.

I found the solution on

You just need to fix the association of exe file types by merging a registry file, that’s it.

The steps are as follows:

To fix the association for a particular file type:

1. Download the corresponding fix from the above table. (Use Right-click – Save as option in your browser to download the fixes.) download the file from


2. Unzip the file and extract the .REG file to Desktop.

3. Right-click the REG file and choose Merge. Alternately, you can open the Registry Editor and then using the Import option from the File menu, to merge the REG file contents.

Note that you need to be an administrator to apply these fixes.

It just took 5 minutes to resolve the issue!

Is your PC ready for Windows 7?

I usually come across this query that Is my PC ready for Windows 7, this is all due to the great and over whelming adoption of this Product. So coming across friends, family & community this is now a common question that Is my PC with this XX, this XX and this XX specs ready for Windows 7???

So this gives me an opportunity to share the link of Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor which is available to download from


So download this tool and find out if your PC can run Windows 7….

External Connector License for TFS 2010

One of the Users on MSDN forums asked the question regarding the External Connector License for TFS 2010, Is there a limitation on the number of users? which users can access TFS over the web through External Connector? What is its estimated Price? Any technical limitation in this case?

Link to my comprehensive conversation with in this thread is as follows:


In the end my reply was marked an an Answer by the User.