SEO- What Search Engines look for in your website, blog? – part1

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the key areas where all the web guys are trying to focus. However there are a lot of illusions and wrong concepts which are evolving in the market regarding Search Engines. How do they Crawl? What factors do they consider for Ranking your website? and What do the Crawlers like / hate?.

This is the first topic of the series and here i will share a few tips being crisp and without going into the details. Applying those will allow your website to be ranked amongst the preferred Search Engine choices..

1) Your Domain Name should be short, strong and catchy, it does not  necessarily need to be the name of your Company however it can be on the name of the Product and Service you are offering to be more relevant. Domain name was purchased for $7.5 million in 1999 and now it is estimated to be around $300 million worth. went for $5.5 million and for $3.5 million.

2) Try choosing .com instead .biz .ca .org as Search Engines prefer .com domains and they usually get higher ranking in search results.

3) Ideally your hosting geographic location should be same as your domain location. This gives search engines a confidence that you are not engaged in some illegal activities and are not trying to hide your location from others.

4) Your domain contract should be over the years and years as usually the trend of hackers and fraud websites is to register domains for an year and then shut them down after phishing attacks etc, so don’t give crawlers a chance to classify you in these categories and show them the long term commitment by having domains which are booked for years and years.

5) Choosing Technology for building your pages and site is very important. Search Engines prefer HTML and are usually trapped by Java Scripts & Flash Movies once they are trapped by Flash etc they don’t waste time on your site and jumps to the next site in their lists. So Flash, Silverlight and other Scripts actually make the life of Crawlers miserable and that’s why Crawlers hate them.

6) Links are very important and they show that you are connected to web and other websites and portals also acknowledge you they kind off prove your legitimacy over the web. So you need to make sure that the links you are providing are not broken and doesn’t pisses crawlers and we need to ensure that other sites also have your links, this adds up really very very much and your ratings tend to get higher in search engines.

7) It is very important to market your site well as your website’s ranking tends to increase and gets higher with the number of clicks i.e. the number of people who have came to your website from various connections and demographic locations.

to be continued..