Wizard for Creating IE8 Search Provider or Accelerator


Although Creating IE8 Addons is far easy however to continue the momentum of enhancing UX through Microsoft Products. Another great Silverlight Application is hosted at www.ie8wizard.com . Now what this application does is as follows:

1) Allows You to either Create a Search Provider or Accelerator for Your Site/Blog

2) Lets say You choose to create a search provider

3) Enter the name of Your Search Provider

4) If you have placed the fav icon file on Your Server, point to that else miss the step (as its opitional)

5) If You don’t have Your own Search Engine You can either use Bing, Google or anyother for that and it will ask You to write temp1234 in Your search engine and copy and paste the result URL to the Wizard Textbox

6) Another optional step If You intend to place Search Suggestions for Your Provider that can be either done through XML or JSON

7) A preview Window optional step will come next, leave it as well to reduce the effort and hurdles.

8) In the last step the code for Your Search Provider is ready copy and paste it in the Target XML file on Your Server and create a Button/Link to point to that file (whose code is also generated).

Ask people to download the search provider to search within Your specific website using Bing/Google.