Designing Application Prototypes using Sketchflow (Expression Blend 3)

Expression 3 — > Blend 3; wow! .. Download a 60 days trial version of Blend 3 and experience it NOW!.

Visio & others are a great tools but don’t actually target Prototyping and then i came to know that if i was suppose to build some phase1 (RE) diagrams it was perfect, but since i had to show prototypes which are suppose to be the simulation of actual software and need to give a look & feel of reality and have to be interactive and user should be able to provide their feedback on them.

Sketchflow allowed me to do the following:

Developing a site map which cleared the site flow

UI Screens using, actual controls and drawing tools
Programming & Scripting the controls & screens
Interconnecting those screens
Developing component screens, to be called on other screens
Running the output in a test player (browser)
Getting the end user ink feedback on my screens and saving that feedback and sharing internally
Automatically generated the document of my prototype project