Microsoft Screen Recording Software – Expression Encoder 3, Screen Capture

Not known to many Expression Studio (Product suite by Microsoft for Designers and Developers) has Expression Encoder 3, a video editing and production as one of its products.

We don’t have many solutions by leading vendors for screen recording and editing but Expression Encoder comes with a tool called “Expression Encoder, Screen Capture” which allows you record and capture what ever is going on your screen and later its output can be opened up in Expression Encoder 3 and the Video can be further edited, encoded and can be produced out in variety of formats.

So this is a good alternative to Camtasia and usually Students and Developers have an easy access to Microsoft products through its various Programs and Initiatives like DreamSpark, MSDN-AA and Partnership Agreements etc and etc.

So start making and sharing your demos, tutorials and other videos through Encoder, Screen Capture tool from Microsoft.