Microsoft Screen Recording Software – Expression Encoder 3, Screen Capture

Not known to many Expression Studio (Product suite by Microsoft for Designers and Developers) has Expression Encoder 3, a video editing and production as one of its products.

We don’t have many solutions by leading vendors for screen recording and editing but Expression Encoder comes with a tool called “Expression Encoder, Screen Capture” which allows you record and capture what ever is going on your screen and later its output can be opened up in Expression Encoder 3 and the Video can be further edited, encoded and can be produced out in variety of formats.

So this is a good alternative to Camtasia and usually Students and Developers have an easy access to Microsoft products through its various Programs and Initiatives like DreamSpark, MSDN-AA and Partnership Agreements etc and etc.

So start making and sharing your demos, tutorials and other videos through Encoder, Screen Capture tool from Microsoft.

Designing Application Prototypes using Sketchflow (Expression Blend 3)

Expression 3 — > Blend 3; wow! .. Download a 60 days trial version of Blend 3 and experience it NOW!.

Visio & others are a great tools but don’t actually target Prototyping and then i came to know that if i was suppose to build some phase1 (RE) diagrams it was perfect, but since i had to show prototypes which are suppose to be the simulation of actual software and need to give a look & feel of reality and have to be interactive and user should be able to provide their feedback on them.

Sketchflow allowed me to do the following:

Developing a site map which cleared the site flow

UI Screens using, actual controls and drawing tools
Programming & Scripting the controls & screens
Interconnecting those screens
Developing component screens, to be called on other screens
Running the output in a test player (browser)
Getting the end user ink feedback on my screens and saving that feedback and sharing internally
Automatically generated the document of my prototype project