Migrating ASP.NET 1.1 Applications to ASP.NET 4.0

Migrating your ASP.NET 1.1 applications to the newer version of the framework is a topic which is under discussion at many places these days, the main reason for this move is because Visual Studio 2010 (the latest VS release to date) has stopped supporting .NET Framework 1.1 applications and it only allows you to have application built on 2.0+ i.e. (2.0; 3.0; 3.5; 4.0). So if you are looking forward to scale your apps, take them to 64 bit, use them with latest Server OS (2008 R2) or want to have (SQL 2008 R2) as backend then the only solution with which you are left out is to MIGRATE.

One can take two approaches to migration, in the first phase you can simply take your app to the latest platform and run it properly (even this is going to take some efforts) and once you are done then revamping the app phase starts and you can utilize the latest available tools and features in order to increase performance and productivity.

Here on I will list an outline which needs to be followed in order to ensure the smooth migration, the attached presentation and the references provided in this article will further explain every single step:

1) Set your migration agenda and goal

2) Develop a complete understanding of the .NET Framework, what has changed, what has been added etc


3) Develop an understanding of ASP.NET, learn, what modifications have been made to the web framework in its version 2.0 & 4.0

4) Prepare and execute a checklist before migration (clean code, 0 compilation errors, rights and privileges etc)

5) Understand and execute the migration process (facilitated by the built-in migration tool & CWA (Convert to Web Application) command).


6) Sort and Fix the errors / warnings faced during the migration


7) Perform post migration checks (32 bit dependencies, incase you have moved to 64 bit; XHTML compliance, incase you are targeting newer browser version; 3rd party add-ons etc)

The above outline is well explained in my presentation (http://cid-866cd84756fa9077.office.live.com/view.aspx/Public/ASP.NET%20Migration.ppsx) prepared by seeking help from the following references.



My Presentation: http://cid-866cd84756fa9077.office.live.com/view.aspx/Public/ASP.NET%20Migration.ppsx

Participate in the world’s largest premier student technology competition


Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world’s largest premier student technology competition. It encourages students around the globe to imagine a better world in which people are empowered by technology.

Last year, more than 2,500+ students from Pakistan participated in this competition and team Magno Touch from University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore won the Pakistan finals and represented Pakistan in the global finals held in Warsaw, Poland.

This year, the Imagine Cup 2011 – Global Finals will be held in United States of America (USA) and the winning team in the Software Design Category from Pakistan will be fully sponsored by Microsoft to go to the United States of America and compete in the global finals.




(all times 00:01 [12:01 A.M.] GMT)


(all times 23:59 [11:59 P.M.] GMT)

Round 1 -One page document describing the idea

July 9, 2010

March 20, 2011

Round 2 – Detailed project document along with screen shots

March 20, 2011

April 10, 2011

Round 3 – Project presentation for top 5 teams

April 27, 2011

April 27, 2011

Round 4 – Worldwide Finals

July 2011

July 2011

Email your entries for Round 1 at: b-hashau@microsoft.com before March 20, 2011

Visit: http://pakistan.imaginecup.com for further details.

It’s not only the Cloud, Microsoft CRM hits everywhere


Going through various articles and stats I would not agree that Microsoft CRM has hit the cloud, I belief it has hit every where. Not going into the discussion who holds major market share or what was missed from the CIOs technology priority list, let’s leave the marketing material behind and dive into the ground realities.

Your organization buys CRM solution to Acquire, Enhance & Retain customers, sales channels and relationships but what if the solution you opt for is not a product meant for business guys to use rather its for IT Pros or Engineers or you are riding a horse and someone else is curbing it, yes I am talking about product customization according to your industry segment or you realize that the solution is way expensive as compared to a better available alternative.

The above para was a food of thought to think in terms of User Experience (UX), cost benefit analysis, customization & management delivered by a CRM solution you buy to Acquire, Enhance & Retain customers, sales channels and relationships.

Now coming to the point that Why Microsoft solution is unparalleled and hitting everywhere?

1) Availability – from desktop to online to mobile, goes with you where ever you. Either deploy it on-premises or use it from cloud. Currently the cloud based version is available in 40 different languages.

2) Familiarity – The same comfortable user interface & experience which is kept consistent across all the business & information worker tools.

3) Integration – Seamless integration with other solutions running within your organization built using .NET; SQL Server; SharePoint etc. Moreover for the cloud based version write your apps using the Azure tools part of Visual Studio.

4) Pricing – Microsoft Dynamics online is available at a monthly rate for approx $34 per person. That compares to Oracle and Salesforce.com, which charge approx $150 per person and approx $125 per month respectively. Further the on-premises solution is also cheaper to buy, deploy, customize and maintain within your organization

5) Vendor Support – Microsoft is taking special interest in Dynamics Products and that’s why you will find its extensive support, offers & resources which definitely is unmatched.

And the list goes on …

Now some facts, a couple of days back, I saw a survey going on at LinkedIn where more than 6000 users participated, let’s see the results:


Despite the fact that Microsoft CRM 2011 has not fully launched and people have not started using it but out of these 6000+ relevant business users of CRM the highest number was with Microsoft and Salesforce landing pretty close. Imagine someone again running this survey down the road after 6 months and I am dead sure that the Microsoft percentage would even be much higher.

According to Analysts Reports:
Microsoft Dynamics CRM shines by offering flexibility for large and midsized organizations. Forrester Research Inc., a leading independent research firm, recognized Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a Leader in the Forrester Wave Report™: CRM Suites for Large and Midsized Organizations, Q2 2010.

06-16-10SuitesLarge-Zoomed     06-16-10SuitesMidsized-Zoomed

Here I will conclude by just saying that let’s meet and connect after an year or so and may be by then you won’t see too many options in the list Smile.

Microsoft Online Family Safety Workshop in Pakistan


As a part of its social services commitment Microsoft Pakistan held an awareness workshop on Online Family Safety. The basis agenda of this workshop was to put an effort to keep children safe while they are online. To make this possible this workshop was targeted towards Teachers and Parents as they being the responsible for guiding children and ensuring their safety.

Various speakers from Industry addressed the Parents & Teachers during this half day long workshop where the main idea was to Act smart, Keep yourself updated with latest threats & their precautions, Understand the significance of online safety especially incase of children. Many ideas and viewpoints were shared by speakers and participants such as keeping the computer in living area or lounge so as everyone can see what the child is doing rather than leaving the machine with him/her in a bedroom or using the wired internet connection rather than Wi-Fi and much more.

All of the above resolutions makes sense and seem pretty appropriate however it really becomes difficult to stop consumer’s access to the technology or to change the way they are interacting with devices and again if you do so, workaround for such measures is quite easy and usually comes pretty quickly to the young minds (minds of digital natives) as compared to us.

However I came across a couple of Presentations from Microsoft in which they talked about their tools such as Windows 7 Parental Controls, Windows Live Online Family Safety 2011 & great security features part of latest browser IE9 – Beta. So this seems to be a one time effort by which you configured the child’s PC let’s say he/she can only log-in to the machine from 6 pm – 9 pm and only on Fri, Sat and Sun. May be he/she is only allowed to play these games online or to access these particular websites. At the end of the day you can easily see web based reports of your child’s activity. So no wonder you are travelling or busy in a meeting Microsoft Family Safety tools and Parental Controls are taking care of your child and loved ones.

The beauty of an automated solution is that it just take one time effort to be configured and later it is always there (24*7*365) and never makes Human Errors..!

Microsoft Certification Exams, Discount Vouchers

I guess i have been too stuck up with work during past days and more over i didn’t had something cool to share :). However 2 days back i finally got Microsoft Certification Exam discount vouchers which you can use at any Prometric test center and can get a discount of 15 – 20% plus 2nd shot is also Free.

You can request for these vouchers by sending me a message on http://twitter.com/jibranjamshad, I will be needing your email and country in which you want to use the voucher.

Firstly i can give 1 voucher per person, if you redeem that, i can give more.


Note: this is on personal and community basis.

An everlasting footprint by Microsoft in Pakistan

Through out the books and school we learn that every successful corporation has a responsibility to use its resources and influence to make a positive impact on the world. Today this definition is branded as a CSR initiative of businesses working across the globe.

The region’s worst flooding in 80 years has affected around 18 million people in Pakistan and according to UN the number of people suffering from the massive floods in Pakistan could exceed the combined total in three recent mega disasters – the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake (source Dawn).

child people

Rightly sensing the responsibility Microsoft was on the ground since the initial days of  this disaster and through its momentous flood relief activities it has left an everlasting footprint on the land of Pakistan.

The strategy laid by Microsoft to confront this disaster is three-fold i.e. Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction. Microsoft employees from Pakistan and other countries including Saudi Arabia, US, UAE, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Netherland and others part of the MEA region participated in a tremendous way to accumulate a sum of 600,000 USD as a result of immediate humanitarian response to this flood.

Microsoft Pakistan team under the leadership of Kamal Ahmed, Country General Manager including Shoaib Khalil, Marketing Lead; Usman Khan, Citizenship Manager and others has been on the ground since last one month addressing this disaster by providing aid in-person and channelizing it through various leading bodies. It’s not only the direct cash, Microsoft has also made its platform available (Bing, MSN) to let the relief aid message float across millions, free of cost. 

In this current phase Microsoft has also planned software donations and trainings to the NGOs engaged in the relief and rehabilitation tasks to better manage and perform their activities which has been estimated up to 1.5 million USD. The relief activities are currently going on and looking at the momentum one can easily see that these figures will certainly go into millions of dollars.

team distribution

Now the next part of the strategy is Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, where Microsoft is up to the following:

  • Microsoft Platforms will be used to present the Pakistan Disaster report to the World at the October Global Donor Conference.
    It has been agreed that Microsoft will work with the World Bank and Asian Development Bank who are mandated to assess damages caused by the flood.  The study will cover 16 sectors of the economy across the 4 provinces and 2 autonomous regions which have been affected.
  • Microsoft will support landing the “Eagle”, a Disaster Management Response system in Punjab Province.
    A state of the art Emergency Response System developed by Microsoft Gold Partner which will certainly help the donors in effective disaster response management.
  • Microsoft MEA will use the data provided by government and donor enumerators and place it on a rich Share-point platform with GIS capabilities to effectively present report findings.

Microsoft team and Management is thoroughly engaged in Pakistan with the Government at Provincial and Federal level and is sync up with the leading NGOs and Financial bodies playing critical role in this flood relief effort saving the fellow countrymen. Microsoft objective is to help this eco system to address the monetary and technological challenges coming across and play its vital role in order to built a better Pakistan as a part of its CSR commitment. Hence leaving a model to be followed….