New Features in PowerPoint 2010

• Bring more energy and visual impact to your presentations

No need to use other graphics applications to edit images, that functionality is now available in office power point 2010.

• Co authoring a slide

With co authoring you can simultaneously edit the same presentation with individuals in different locations. You can also get in real time conversation with the co authors without leaving power point IF you are using sharepoint 2010 and office communicator 2007 R2.

• Add personalized videos

Add and edit videos directly in power point 2010. Key points in the video can easily be book marked

• Broad cast power point presentations

Presentations can easily be broad cast by sending out a URL so audience can view them on web, that doesn’t require power point to be installed at the client’s side. All PowerPoint 2010 users can access the PowerPoint Broadcast Service using a Windows Live ID. When you start a broadcast, it will provide a public link that you can send to anyone on the Internet you invite. Organizations will also have the flexibility to host their own broadcast services and set permissions for who can create and view broadcasts.

• High quality video alike presentations

Turn your presentation into a high quality video with narration to share with virtually anyone through email, via the web, or on DVD. SharePoint 2010 with the Office Web Apps lets you deploy your own PowerPoint Broadcast server in your enterprise.

• Global Access

Presentations can be accessed on corporate intranet using SharePoint 2010 and the Office Web Apps, and then access, view and edit them using almost any browser or using your windows phone.

• Stunning Graphics

One doesn’t need to be a graphic artist to make stunning graphical presentations. With SmartArt layouts, create many types of graphics such as organizational charts, lists and picture diagrams. Words can be transformed into impressive visuals that help in illustration of ideas.

• Improved animation and new transitions

Very animated presentations (just like we see in TV) are possible in power point 2010. They can be easily accessed, preview, apply, customize and replaced.

• Get things done faster

PowerPoint 2010 simplifies how you access features. The new Backstage view replaces the traditional file menu to let you save, share, print, and publish your presentations with just a few clicks. And, with the improved Ribbon, you can access your favorite commands more quickly by customizing tabs or creating your own to personalize the experience to your work style.

• Work on multiple presentations and multiple monitors

PowerPoint 2010 gives you a completely separate window for each presentation that you open. So, you can view and edit multiple presentations independently, side-by-side, or even on separate monitors.

Microsoft Visio 2010, a new era of diagramming

Visio 2010 is on its way, currently the Beta is out there and you guys can download and enjoy it even with Office 2007 installed on the same PC. I got the chance to explore it a bit, the essence of this release is in the following:

1) More than 60 different diagram types are available including Org chart, Calendar, Network and Database diagrams etc.

2) You diagrams can be connected to multiple Data Sources and you can project your scenarios pretty easily with Data Driven diagrams.

3) Process Management has been improved as you add or delete shapes, Visio 2010 makes intelligent, automatic layout adjustments to surrounding shapes and their connectors.

4) Visio Services is a new feature of SharePoint 2010 that extends the reach of diagrams considerably. Visio Services lets you View diagrams in the browser without needing Visio on your machine and Integrates them within your SharePoint applications.

5) Simplifies large and complex diagrams using Sub-processes and Containers to group related shapes visually and logically.

6) Visio 2010 has strong integration scenarios with Office 2010 Products including Word, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. You can connect your diagrams to the data residing in these tools or you can share your diagrams within the interface of these tools.

7) Diagrams fall into the following categories / types:- (various diagram types supported in Visio 2010)

a) Engineering
b) Business
c) General
d) Maps & Floors
e) Process Flows
f) Network
g) Schedule
h) Software & Database

8 ) Visio 2010 has the following SKUs (Versions / Editions)

a) Professional – targeting Information Workers, Business & Technical Decision Makers,

b) Premium – targeting Developers, IT Professionals, Process Professionals

Try Now and Download:-