Software Project Management, Lecture 4 Slides

Business Case is the first deliverable of any IT Project, it defines the problem,  adds business value to IT. A core team from various departments is responsible for develiering it under the ownership of Project Manager, where Project MOVs are identified along with various alternatives. Then various alternatives are compared in terms of:

1) Feasibility: Technology Feasibility, Economic Feasibility, Legal, Social etc

2) Total Cost of Ownership: Direct, Indirect, On-going

3) Total Benefits of Ownership

4) Financial Scoring Models: ROI, NVP, Payback, Breakeven etc

5) Last but not least the recommendation from core team.


Business Case is developed to justify the Business value of the IT Project to the senior management in terms to developing its relevance with organizational goals and strategic objectives.

check out the lecture slides at:

Software Project Management – Lecture 3 Slides

In lecture 3 we had Saad Zia, Senior Consultant, CDC as a guest speaker with us to brief students about the latest happenings and project management practices going on in Pakistan IT Industry. So many concepts like Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management, PMO responsibilities etc were discussed with the students. Moreover the session was a good blend of local success stories and tools acquired by Enterprises operating in Pakistan.


After his session, I discussed on Project Lifecycle and System Development Lifecycle, the five phases of PLC were discussed in detail with respect to their deliverables and tasks performed in each of them.

The slides of my lecture can be found out at:

Software Project Management – Lecture 2 Slides

The slides of the previous lecture can be downloaded from here

In this lecture we talked about the 4 constraints which a project manager faces, so the compiled definition of these 4 constraints (Scope, Budget / Cost, Effort / Schedule & Quality) can be found out in the lecture slides from here:


The a class activity took place in which the we assumed a Project for the library of a university and performed some on paper planning and calculations for it by filling out the Project Mini-charter, Pre-Estimate check list and Budget for the Project whose template can be downloaded from here:

The next class will talk about Project Lifecycle!

Software Project Management – Lecture 1 Slides


This semester I have taken Software Project Management an my teaching assignment, I will be sharing my experience of the Software Industry along with the Best Practices from Modern IT Project Management literature. For next 4 odd months i will be uploading my lecture slides on weekly basis.

The text book i am following is Information Technology Project Management—Providing Measurable Organizational Value by Jack. T Marchewka which will certainly help you people to understand the processes, tools and techniques applied in today’s Software Project Management world.

The slides of lecture 1 will help you to understand the dimensions of a software project, significance of processes, factors affecting the success of a software project and very importantly the triple and quadruple constraint.

The PowerPoint can be downloaded from the link below: