SharePoint 2010 Licensing for Hosting Providers

One of the hosting providers asked a question on MSDN forums that which licensing type would best suit their business, my reply to that question was marked as an answer, for complete thread kindly follow the link:

So in this case when you would be going towards the licensing model, you will be opting for SharePoint 2010 (Enterprise / Standard) for Internet Users / Sites and hence after this you won’t be worrying about CALs as CALs are only for Internal Users for masses you can’t calculate CALs so a totally separate licensing scheme is given for this case especially applicable to Hosting Providers.


Licensing Info:

Microsoft again marked as BI Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for 2010

Gartner positions Microsoft as Leader in the 2010 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms as it’s one of the BI Vendors who have strong breadth & depth of the platform capabilities globally and are able to deliver enterprise level BI solutions and implementations.  Gartner also depicts that this success is due to the low price point and continuous market penetration through attractive offerings. Not only this but a strong leverage of installed base products such as Excel, SQL Server, SharePoint etc helps Microsoft to be the market leader in BI.

It is believed that Microsoft can provide you with the breadth and depth of tools, applications, and infrastructure needed to help you achieve true business performance. Their goal is to massively simplify the way to think about delivering business intelligence to all organizational employees, so that BI doesn’t anymore offer tool for 20% of a typical organization but for the other 80%.