SQL Server 2008 R2; Vision evolves from Data to Information Platform

imageOver the past 5 years Microsoft has been delivering on a vision to build a data platform for its customers. It has been a transformational time for SQL Server and they have delivered innovation to help their customers adapt to the explosion of data in their organizations. They approached this in terms of delivering a platform that supports all types of data as well as all tiers – from the edge, to the datacenter and then to the cloud. They have also delivered robust capabilities to enable you to build access to your data through rich applications and to manage this data with easy to use tools and interfaces, as well as new services to provide business intelligence.

One key evolution in this release (2008 R2) of SQL Server vision is moving from talking about data to talking about information. This reflects the shift that Customers want a platform that not only stores and manages all their data, but helps them deliver greater value from data across their business in the applications they use every day.

Today organizations are looking to compete and grow by reducing costs, reducing time to market and identifying the highest value opportunities for their business. Microsoft is moving forward rapidly to address these challenges with new capabilities in manageability, business intelligence and data warehousing and by delivering the first relational database cloud offering with SQL Azure and many game changing tools including Power Pivot, Report Builder 3.0 empowering end users to participate in Information Lifecycle .