Deploying Team Foundation Server 2008 (TFS) – part 1

Tips and Checks for Deploying TFS; Step by Step

While you are deploying Team Foundation Server within your organization or business for one of the first times you kind off face challenges and difficulties in terms of different Microsoft Products not going well together and your scenario fails and asks you to re-work.

So first we need to prepare a list of what products do we need while deploying Team Foundation Server successfully and what is their role.

For this ideal scenario specifically we shall be using Windows Server 2003 R2, SQL Server 2005 SP2, Windows SharePoint Server 3.0, VSTS, TFS 2008

1) SQL Server – Components used (Full DB Engine to host TFS, SharePoint and Reporting Services Databases; Reporting Services and Analysis Services, Integration Services is not a must to install)

2) Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Install it in advance way that it’s Databases are Host within your SQL Server instance which is holding DBs for Reporting Services and TFS. Don’t go with the default installation using Windows Internal Database.

3) TFS 2008 which will be installed on top of SharePoint (Acting as a web front end for it) and SQL Server (hosting its databases)

Taking the step by step approach

First Install SQL Server 2005 SP2 with Database Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services. Please please please, don’t configure the Reporting Services at this point and leave them un-configured

Then Install SharePoint Services 3.0 and please use the Database Server which you have installed in the previous step.

So Now You need to be sure on Two things:-

1) You can run SharePoint default website and Central Administration website

2) And You can see the DBs of SharePoint and Reporting Services under the DB Server which You have just installed.

Now Run the setup of TFS, it will also be using the same DB Server for it’s databases and its Root team site will be deployed under SharePoint default website (not the central administration one). During its installation it will automatically configure the Reporting Services website and will also place it under SharePoint default website.

So All the sites will run under the default SharePoint website and all the DBs (around 12) will be placed under one singles DB Server.

During the installation of TFS you come across Health Check issues and there you waste a lot of your time. We will discuss the Health Check Activity in the upcoming post within a couple of days…..

to be continued…

Important Facebook Safety & Security Tips

Facebook Security Tips & Techniques

After analyzing Facebook Security, we came up with some important Facebook Security tips and measures which an account holder needs to take in order to ensure the maximum protection of their Facebook Account.

1)Avoid installing Applications from the Publishers & Developers you don’t trust. Like it’s pretty ok to play farmville, Cities I have visited and others. But don’t install every app targeting segments which are un-realistic like who viewed your Facebook profile etc. If you are unaware of the Apps credibility go and checkout the company’s or developer’s website who have developed it. If it is unavailable and if you’re not sure about the credibility so then don’t install it. If you install and unknown app and have agreed to provide your data to it (which is necessary most of the times) they can view all information present under your Facebook profile and can share your posts and pics with anyone (probably paying them for this)

2)Always use strong passwords, strong security questions, keep changing passwords and your Facebook password should not be the same of your home, office, school’s PC or any Email accounts and other services. Never respond to the offers (free laptops, free gifts) and don’t provide your private info by replying to any person/thread claiming that they are from Facebook and require this in order to continue the service.

3)Monitor Your Facebook Privacy Settings and adjust them as per your requirement.!/settings/?tab=privacy

Adjust Profile Privacy Settings, who can view my Photos, Videos, Personal Information and other feeds

facebook information privacy and security

What my friends can share about me through Applications and Websites

facebook apps privacy

Happy Facebooking!!