It been like just two years when the PCs which ruled the world in communication & collaboration for more than 25 years have been replaced by a similar but compact device called laptops / notebooks. On the parallel side of the game feature phones which again were equally important for communication and collaboration amongst humans ruled the market for around more than a decade will be replaced in just a fraction of time from the similar but powerful devices knows as smart phones. Now on one side of the game you are exposed to the compact but equivalent versions of the PCs in form of Notebooks, Netbooks, Tablets etc but on the other side the facts and stats shows that the smartphone shipment and usage has not only eaten the market share of feature phones but also of the PC. So a PC make it a desktop, laptop or a fancy tablet at the end of next few years is supposed to be out of fashion and will be the 2nd choice of the consumer after the smartphone.

Because many of the reasons due which people used to carry a machine are now just satisfied through their handset in a much convenient and faster way. So that is the reason why we see the next war amongst principal technology vendors in on mobile rather than fighting back on desktop or server market share. Smart Phones replacing PCs in many scenarios are no longer today a dream and many gadgets powered by Nokia, RIM, Apple, Google and Microsoft are a true example of this proposition.

However a smart phone can’t completely replace a PC, I mean it, it can’t! Not even a more smarter phone as compared to it or others.. but if we need to prove this 1 = 1 then we can only bet on the smartest phone!

The call is tough everyone realizes it, if I look at the things a week ago then Nokia and RIM were producing the most balanced and powerful phones but again those could have only been categorized as smart ones or may be you can take RIM to smarter category but again for only a few models, Google was some where trying to be smarter but some how or the other was not fitting in to the category, Microsoft after WP7 actually just became smarter, earlier it was not even truly qualifying for smart ones. Apple was someone who was truly justifying the smarter criteria but was being pushed back again and again by the platform strength lied within the Android & WP7. Earlier the advantage which Google was getting was the success of its search engine, it doesn’t really mean that if you can do one thing well you will end up doing everything well. Microsoft had a shaky start because it was not able to make its mark since last many years as the previous versions of Windows Mobile didn’t do that well as they should have been. However times have changed it doesn’t really mean that if you didn’t do well in past you won’t do better in future.

So till day before yesterday the game was between the smart and smarter, but to actually replace the PC, to actually offer Cloud services, to actually bring the ultimate power to the handset we needed something smartest.

Microsoft and Nokia entered a partnership where the world’s strongest, most living, most efficient hardware from Nokia will run the worlds best Microsoft Platform and Services on it… Currently Nokia is leading and Microsoft is most heavily penetrating the smart phone market.

So, with this I will put my bet of the ever smartest phones on the planet on this partnership.

  • Wizz

    With the Android platform falling victim to Mal-ware, apple maintains its status as the manufacturer of the most robust and secure mobile platform. I am personally not a great fan of Apple products because of their flashy and glossy outlook and user’s inability to change its battery and stuff. I have been using WM phones since the last few years on HTC devices. They are a little buggy and require some extra maintaining but at the same time i think thats the reason that keeps my interest alive in these phones.
    Microsoft in order to survive in this competitive market needs to develop a very very efficient platform with teenagers and women users as their target market(who like flashy, glossy expensive looking gadgets with great cameras, great speakers and long battery life). Users today switch from one phone to another very quickly unlike in the past 2 decades where the users used to stick with a single machine for atleast 2-3 years. Selling WM wont be as easy as selling Desktop windows.
    This is an entirely different ball game.