Windows 7, Increase System Performance by removing unwanted Start-up Programs and Services

Since a few days i was noticing that my Windows 7 was taking quite a long time in loading my Desktop and i used to wait for long until i get control over the windows and can actually start my day. Moreover all these programs used to kept sitting in the memory since default, whether or not they are required, just eating up the RAM. The main cause for this was that day by day i was installing various software and services and usually most of them with the default setting of getting load as the Windows starts so I had to make a selection of what i needed to keep in start and what not.

The interface provided for this in Windows 7 can be accessed through Control Panel –> Administrative Tools —> System Configuration.

The system configuration utility is very helpful and you can see your start-up programs and can uncheck which software / tools you don’t want to be loaded with Windows. Moreover you can configure the services as well so that all services are not loaded with starting of the Windows.

So Enjoy surfing and browsing with a clean and light Windows 7 machine!