Working on the go will be top iPad use

A new survey by Sybase says that 2,443 of adults with a mobile phone, when polled, claim that their number one use case for an iPad would be working while out and about. 52.3% of those polled say they would work from a device like the iPad, 48.2% said they would use it to watch movies and television, and 35.4% said that they would use it to play games. Those are some interesting numbers — we’ve already heard that a full third of potential iPad users would use it to read books (though of course for some people, reading books would be considered work), and we’ve even heard that 44% of the iPhone apps being tested so far are actually games.

So basically, no one has any idea what we’ll be doing with our iPads when we actually get them. No, my guess is that people suspect that they will use an iPad for working, but in practice, they’ll use it more for what Apple expects them to use it for: games and consuming media. It could also be that “work” apps take longer to develop on the iPad, which would explain why we’re seeing games made when most users believe they’ll be working. But of course, we’ll have to see — it’s possible that we may not know the main use for the iPad yet, as even Apple seems to be torn on what the real focus of the computer will be.